Hallmark DC Comics Superhero Wonder Woman WW84  Itty Bitty

Hallmark DC Comics Superhero Wonder Woman WW84 Itty Bitty

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  • DC Comics fans will love this tiny version of Wonder Woman WW84, made over in a new contemporary styling by Hallmark.
  • Part of the DC Comics
  • Made from quality plush fabric.

From Amazon princess to the world’s greatest warrior, Wonder Woman is at the height of her power but living a quiet life as Smithsonian curator Diana Prince. Her compassion for mankind is strong despite man’s flaws. But now she must again draw on her incredible strength, courage and wisdom to battle her greatest foe — the Cheetah. Add to your itty bittys collection with this stylized plush version of Diana Prince with her Lasso of Truth from the new film "Wonder Woman 1984".

The creation of itty bittys all started with a doodle during a brainstorm. Illustrator Adan Chung sketched a quick interpretation of what popular characters could look like if they were just a wee bit “itty bittier.” Soon, Adan’s simple-but-fresh portrayal of popular licensed characters inspired an entire collection that continues to grow.

Hallmark’s itty bittys fit a lot of fun in a small package! These charming stuffed characters are perfect as gifts, collectibles or toys for your loved ones. You'll want to own each and every one of these perfectly-sized companions.